Council considers new vote on HART fund tax

Feb 17th 1:29 am By Carey Restino

City mulls cutting roads and trails tax by half, reallocating portion to general fund

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Opinion: Alaskans wise to focus on important issues for state, not political slams

February 17th 1:33 am

While most would assume there is a bit of an uptick in interest in national politics given the current daily dramatic happenings in Washington, some questions remain about whether we in Alaska are paying attention to the right things. After all, there is so [...]

Opinion: Distraction of charter school debate will not serve Alaska students

February 9th 3:16 pm

Across most of Alaska, there are no choices about where you will send your child. There is one school, for better or worse, and that is the only option, unless you want to send your student out of town for their education. So Tuesday's news that the newly [...]

Opinion: Legislature disgraces us with legal corruption

February 9th 3:15 pm

The Alaska Legislature earns Alaskans' contempt through its own sleazy procedures. Rep. Jason Grenn, I-Anchorage, is acting the part of Jimmy Stewart in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" by asking for open votes on legislators' conflicts of interest. But [...]

Opinion: Alaska's delegation turns timid on federal overreach

February 9th 3:13 pm

The Alaska congressional delegation's outrage at presidential actions taken without consultation with Congress, which was off the charts under President Barack Obama, has all but disappeared in the last 12 days. Why else would Lisa, Dan and Don have been the [...]

Lawmakers consider larger fish board, other fisheries bills

February 9th 3:13 pm

Bills address value of state commercial fishing loans, Bristol Bay protections, changes to Board of Fisheries

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Coast Guard warns mariners to be cautious around Cook Inlet gas leak

February 17th 1:31 am

The U.S. Coast Guard is warning mariners in Cook Inlet to take caution while passing the area of a reported gas leak after a federal agency determined the risk of an explosion or fire from the leaking gas to be low. Oil and gas producer Hilcorp Alaska on [...]

Tara Schmidt dedicated to community service

February 17th 1:34 am

Local woman wants to make the world a more just place

Council considers new vote on HART fund tax

February 17th 12:29 am

City mulls cutting roads and trails tax by half, reallocating portion to general fund

Council creates new safety building committee

February 17th 1:32 am

Committee to review two police station proposals

Opinion: Letters to the Editor

February 9th 3:14 pm

HOWL regrouping for 2018 HoWL (Homer Wilderness Leaders) has been empowering young leaders through outdoor education since 2009. By leading hundreds of kids on wilderness expeditions to learn leadership, stewardship and survival skills, HoWL has challenged [...]

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