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Letters to the Editor

April 20th, 2017 | Staff Report Print this article   Email this article  

HEA encourages Homer residents to vote

That oversized Homer Electric Association envelop you got in the mail? Relax, it's not an extra bill. Six good folks are running for three seats on the HEA board of directors and that envelope contains your ballot.

Kudos if you already marked your choice and sent it back.

If not, I hope it didn't end up in the trash! Please don't let your HEA ballot molder under that pile of junk mail either. Unlike commercial or municipal utility ratepayers, HEA members have a say in how the coop is run. So it's in your interest to elect a person most likely to represent your concerns to the board of directors.

Between 2009 and 2013 I volunteered with the HEA Members Forum to attend and report on all board meetings. My backside sure got sore but it became clear that the coop works best when HEA members take an interest.

No matter who wins, we should appreciate the present candidates' willingness to run and serve on the HEA Board. It's a time consuming, demanding volunteer job. All but one were kind enough to respond to a Members Forum questionnaire regarding coop issues. You can go to to see their answers.

It's not too late to vote. If you already dumped the mail-in ballot you can still vote in person at the May 4 annual HEA meeting at Soldotna High. Based on the candidates' questionnaire responses, public statements and our personal experiences with most of them, we support the following three people.

District 1, Kate Veh.

District 2, Dick Waisanen.

District 3, Jim Levine.

We believe that these candidates will invest the time and energy to fully understand important issues facing HEA and make informed decisions. They appear to be genuinely interested in hearing from HEA members and considering our concerns in their deliberations.

Your vote matters. In last December's deregulation election more of us voted than ever before, successfully demonstrating to HEA management and board overwhelming member support for Regulatory Commission of Alaska oversight. Voting now is your next opportunity to help make HEA serve you better.

Mike O'Meara

009-2013 volunteer HEA Members Forum spokesman & forty-six year member of HEA.

Think with your mind — not your emotions

My extended family includes people from across many political and religious spectrums. We include liberals, libertarians and conservatives, Christians of various types, pagans and non-believers? Many of us are activists working on opposite sides of causes about which we care deeply. Once the leader of the National Organization for Women came to Fairbanks, and while my stepmother excitedly stood in line to hear her speak, my sister-in-law, a volunteer at the crisis pregnancy center, handed out anti-abortion leaflets to those in line.

The thing about my family is that we generally share love and respect for each other, in spite of our differences. We get together to eat and laugh and play games and share the stories of our lives. It's true that I am about as liberal as they come, and my feminism is almost as intense as my stepmother's. It is also true that my sister-in-law is one of my favorite people in the whole entire world. She is a strong and loving communicator, and has courageously guided or nudged our family through some sticky situations?

I would like Homer to take a hint from my family, and treat each other with caring and respect even when we disagree on issues that are close to our hearts. The recall vote targets our community volunteers, our council members — who listened carefully to concerns about a controversial resolution and voted it down. The recall is disrespectful toward three individuals who serve this community in good faith.

PeggyEllen Kleinleder

Little Fireweed thanks Gregoire Construction

With the spring thaw, I was reminded that I owe a huge thank you to Richard Gregoire.

Late last fall, after an inspection of the playground at Fireweed Academy's Little Fireweed campus, it was noted that we needed to get a thicker layer of wood chips around our playground equipment.

Gregoire Construction came to our aid in more than one way?Not only did they haul in four truck loads of wood chips, they also spread the wood chips around the equipment. And, without having asked them to do so?they generously donated all of the materials and labor in the process.

On behalf of the students and staff at our Little Fireweed campus, I want to say a belated thank you to Richard and his crew!

Todd Hindman

Principal, Fireweed Academy


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