Studying Super Earths

Homer United Methodist Church

770 East End RD
Homer, AK 99603

On Thursday July 24th at 7 pm in the Homer United Methodist Church Sun Room Dr. Kelly Cline will present a free public lecture, "Studying Super Earths."  Kelly Cline, a former resident of Homer, is Associate Professor at Carroll College in Helena, Montana where he teaches in the areas of physics, astronomy and math. Using new techniques, astronomers have discovered thousands of planets which orbit around other nearby stars. In 2005 Astronomers discovered a completely new type of planet which is more massive than the Earth but less massive than the gas giants:  We call these planets super-Earths and we don't have anything like them in our solar system. The Earth is the largest of the inner planets, and the other planets are gas giants more than ten times the mass of the Earth.  These new worlds are extremely controversial:  What would these super Earths look like, up close?  What sorts of atmospheres could we find on a planet with double or triple the mass of the Earth. Are there plate tectonics or volcanic activity on these worlds?  Could life have formed on any of them? Join us for an exploration of the newly discovered super Earths! 

Thursday, 24 July, 2014


Dotty Cline

Phone: 235-8460