Wilderness Scene Investigators

Ocean Shores Beach

Below Ocean Shores
Homer, AK 99603

Do you love mysteries or being a detective? Do you want to learn to track? Everything that happens leaves evidence or clues and when put together like puzzle pieces, they tell a story. As part of W.S.I., we will learn to identify these clues through ancient secrets of animal tracking, stalking and the native wisdom of wilderness awareness. We will scout for tracks, follow trails, learn to identify the effects of weather, and learn about the native flora. We might even follow a set of tracks to find who is making them standing in the freshest tracks. We will open our eyes, ears and minds to all that is around and within. Bring your daypack, a snack, extra layers, and a water bottle. We're meeting at the bluff behind Ocean Shores (corner of Crittenden Dr. and Hidden Way)

Sunday, 03 August, 2014



Phone: 9073994695
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